Does This Mean We Can Blame The Holocaust On Muslims Now?

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Does This Mean We Can Blame The Holocaust On Muslims Now?

Post by Aquina1300 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:43 pm

Last month, Facebook censored a German historian who posted a message about Islam's historic impact on Germany. Facebook banned the historian for 30 days, even though 76 percent of Germans agree that Islam does not "belong to Germany."

Michael Hesemann, a journalist and Vatican historian with an honorary doctorate for his work in uncovering documents from the Armenian Genocide, posted a message that Facebook said did "not correspond to our community standards." The offensive message was an accurate — if overstated — historical statement.

"Islam always plays only one role in the 1700-year-old history of the Christian Occident: the role of the sword of Damocles which hung above us, the threat of barbarism against which one needed to unite and fight," Hesemann wrote, according to NRW Direkt. "In this sense, Islam is not part of German history, but the defense against Islam!"

Facebook argued that it would delete any comment that "attacks persons because of their race, ethnicity, national background, religious orientation, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or physical impairment," the Catholic site OnePeterFive reported.

The historical relationship between Islam and Germany has become a hot topic in the last month, with the rise of the new Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. The former president of Germany, Christian Wulff, declared that "Islam belongs to Germany" -- and Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed.

"No. Islam does not belong to Germany," Seehofer declared shortly after taking office. "Germany is characterized by Christianity." Even so, he added, "The Muslims living with us naturally belong to Germany."
Source: ... n-history/

If you want to read about the brouhaha in German: ... istoriker/
It is in this larger context that we turn our attention to a story from Germany, where Facebook has recently deleted a post by a renowned German Catholic historian and prolific book author. As the Austrian Catholic news website reported on 20 March 2018, Dr. Michael Hesemann – who is known to our readers for his discovery of an important historical 1918 letter concerning the organized Freemasonic plans to destroy throne and altar – was notified by Facebook that his comments on the historic role of Islam in Europe had been deleted, because they do “not correspond to our community standards.” As the Facebook notification continues, they will delete any comment that “attacks persons because of their race, ethnicity, national background, religious orientation, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or physical impairment.”
.......Snippity Snip.......
Dr. Hesemann himself has written an open letter to Facebook, protesting its censuring of his public remarks. In his open letter, he refers to the constitutional right of free speech which is especially protected with regard to academic freedom. He adds “With my being blocked for 30 days (!), Facebook has violated, to my own chagrin, my right to free speech and I consider taking legal steps against it.” Dr. Hesemann, who received his Ph.D in history and teaches in this academic field at a Catholic academy, “immediately commented” upon Seehofer’s own comments which at the time had been contradicted by Chancellor Merkel herself. In giving proof for his claim that Islam has been always a threat to Christianity, he refers to the case of the time of Charles Martell (732), that of the Crusades (1096-1294), as well as the Holy League and the Ottoman Wars (16th and 17th century).
Source: ... -on-islam/

This may be a good thing for Germany's recovery from a bad case of the guilts over the Holocaust. With this whole new perspective that Germany has always been Muslim more or less, they can just say it was the Islamic part of German culture that led to the Second World War. That way, both the Christian religion and the ethnic populace of Germany can pick up their free-pass card from the race card game.

Seriously though, this isn't even a debatable point to anyone with half a brain. Germany has never been a Muslim nation. Islam's sole contribution to Germany has been as an aggressor and foreign invader. As evidence, I recommend the Abduction of Serglio by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Fun Fact: The last battle in the Siege of Vienna occurred on September 11, 1683. Some historians remark that the battle signifies the reversal of fortunes between Europe and the Middle East. That's the point at which the Silk Road to China through Arabia starts to become less significant and Europeans start a wave of technological, social and political innovations. If Muslims had a significant influence in Germany, I doubt they would have welcomed such a reversal in fortunes.
If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
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